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LE SSERAFIM - 3RD MINI ALBUM [EASY] (Standard Ver.) + Soundwave Lucky Draw Photocard

LE SSERAFIM - 3RD MINI ALBUM [EASY] (Standard Ver.) + Soundwave Lucky Draw Photocard

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The expected release date in Korea is 3/11/23

Includes exclusive Soundwave Lucky Draw photocard with purchase (Random 1 of 5)

POBs will NOT be member sorted and are distributed to us randomly. As such we are unable to accommodate requests for specific members with your order.

Please keep in mind that, PRE-ORDER BENEFITS could delay manufacturer distribution! It may take up to an additional 2-3 weeks to receive the shipment after the album releases. This is not a guaranteed time frame as we may receive the product sooner or later than expected.

Depending on the volume of pre-orders, fulfillment processing could take longer than expected.


IMPORTANT: If you order any pre-orders with in-stock albums, your order will NOT be shipped until the pre-orders are in stock. Please keep this in mind when placing your order!


  • Outer Box: 1 each (3 ver.)
  • Booklet: 1 each (3 ver.)
  • CD: 1 each (3 ver.)
  • Photocard: Random 1 of 5 each (3 ver.)
  • Postcard: 1 each (3 ver.)
  • Sticker: 3 each
  • Folding Poster: 1 each (3 ver.)
  • Lyric Paper
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