• There are heavy delays in shipments coming from Korea. It may take up to 3-5 business days or 1-3 weeks for us to receive products once they are released.
  • IMPORTANT: If you order any pre-order items with in-stock albums, your order will be held until all albums are ready to be shipped.
  • Please allow for an extra 14-20 days for us to receive Japanese releases from our suppliers. These usually take longer for us to stock due to shipment times between countries, and potentially longer if POBs are involved. 

Group/Bulk Orders

  • We are happy to accept inquiries for group/bulk orders. Please email us at hello@musidom.com with your inquiry. 
  • Sometimes we are able to source specific POBs/MD through our supplier. If you see something that's not on our site please email us and we may be able to accommodate your order.
  • *NOTE* Products past the pre-order window have often already been ordered and we may not be able to add to our order quantity.
  • Inclusion/POB only services are available for an additional cost.


  • We only use US Postal Service / UPS Ground to ship out orders within the United States of America including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.
  • International shipments are currently only handled by DHL, however we are looking at additional mailing options in the future.
  • If you input the incorrect delivery address or absence at the time of delivery; we are not responsible if the item is returned back to us.
  • If your package is returned to us, we will charge the original shipping fee again to send it back to you.
  • If your package is lost in transit, we are not liable for the loss when the package has left our hands. This also includes STOLEN PACKAGES


    • In the case of fraudulent charges/orders that have not yet shipped, please contact us.
    • Orders made in error or that you would like to cancel due to change of heart must be made within 24 hours of the order being placed. This does not apply to pre-order products.
    • All pre-order sales are final.

    Product Defects

    • If there is a manufacturer recall of products you've purchased, please email us at hello@musidom.com for help
    • Since all products/albums are sealed in plastic wrap, we are unaware of any internal defects/damages
    • Please remember to film an unboxing video, check the product condition upon delivery. Any claims for product defects will not be accepted if it's been more than 7 business days since delivery!

    Unboxing Process

    Prior to sending out each package, all items are inspected to ensure there are no external damages. Unfortunately, as products are pre-sealed, there is no way for us to inspect any possible internal issues. Missing/Duplicate photocards, polaroid pictures, bookmarks, etc. are considered manufacturer's defects as we do not package these products ourselves.

    Although we are not liable for defects from the manufacturer, we will file a claim to our manufacturers on behalf of the customer for cases where item(s) are missing. Please note that the filing and the resolution of a case could take between 2-4 weeks and that filing a case does not guarantee a replacement for the item.

    In order for us to determine the validity of these claims, we ask all customers to please record themselves opening the entire package from start to finish. Please be sure to include the following in the unedited footage:

    • Showing both sides of the box
    • Tape on package being cut open
    • Show Musidom packing slip and shipping label on packaging to indicate package is from Musidom
    • Item(s) being removed, plastic seal(s) being opened
    • Thorough inspection of the item(s) (album, DVD, season's greetings, etc.) in its entirety

    This entire process should be a filmed in one take and the footage should not be edited. If there is any ambiguity in the footage (edited, unclear, rushing, etc.), a claim will not be filed/accepted and we will not be able to assist you further.

    Once it is found that an item was missing during this process, please email us at hello@musidom.com with your order number and video file and we will assist you accordingly.

    **Please note that some albums, usually older albums or Japanese releases, may not include a photocard as it was only included in first press releases or due to the fact that the photocard is no longer printed for that respective album.

      We do have two shop dogs (and a cat) so there may be a gift of fur in your package. We try to keep everything as separate as possible but hair is always everywhere. You can meet the shop animals below!



      Luke is an absolutely massive chocolate lab. He loves to snuggle, mooch for food and play fetch!


      Leia is a german shepherd mix and just turned 5! She loves fetch, barking at the neighbors cats and belly rubs.


      Jelly loves doing cat things like sleeping in the sun!