Fancall/Special Event FAQ

Q. How do I enter a video call/special event?

  1. Purchase one or more albums through one of our video call/special events on our website. One album equals one entry for our internal raffle.*
  2. After the application deadline ends, winners will be picked through an internal raffle. Internal winners will be announced via an email to WINNERS ONLY on/before the deadline stated in the email. 
  3. The number of winners vary as it depends on total sales and the artist.
  4. Albums will be purchased using winners information to enter the events via the organizers. Album quantity purchased does not equal internal winners ordered quantity; it will exceed that amount. 

*Internal raffle is a raffle (drawn at random) that we run among all customers who purchased the album to draw internal winners. Sometimes there are 1 or more winners, it simply depends on the order volume. Internal raffle winners will have their information submitted to event organizers for the external raffle.

Q. How will I know I won the internal raffle?

  • You will receive an email from via the email you provided when placing your order. No other action will be taken as the information you provided upon purchasing the item will be submitted to event organizers. 

Q. If I apply for a specific member of a group do you raffle by member?

  • No, we do not evenly raffle between group members. This is because we need to submit our order based on purchase volume and determine how many internal raffle winners we can select to increase the raffle winners chances. 

Q. If I win the internal raffle does that mean I won the final call with my artist?

  • No. the internal raffle is for selecting winners amongst our customers. We then submit the winners information to the video call organizer and purchase albums under the winners name. 

Q. Will I still receive my albums/order if I didn't win the internal raffle?

  • Yes, you will receive all items you ordered through the event listings including albums, platform albums, pre-order benefits and photocards. The final price paid includes the items mentioned in the listing along with the video call attempt. 

Q. If I apply for a fancall with a specific member, do I also get the POB of that specific member?

  • Unless the listing specifically allows for choice of POB photocard member then no. You could apply for a video call with one member of a group and receive a POB photocard of another member.

Q. Can I cancel my order after the deadline for event participation? 

  • For PRE-ORDER EVENT ITEMS, our listing and policy clearly state that cancellations or refund cannot be accommodated after the events end. This is because we place special orders and event organizers prevent us from requesting cancellations after events end.  

Q. Will I receive albums/ POBs in a set without duplicates?

  • Unless otherwise stated POBs and album versions are random. We'll try our best to provide a full set of albums and POBs however as we are a small team sometimes the organizing workload can be too much so we cannot promise non-duplicates.

Q. Can I submit multiple entries?

  • Yes, you can make multiple purchases however your orders will still tally and the application will be for the total number of albums you purchase per member (if member selection is available)

Q. How long is the video call?

  • This varies from organizer to organizer however it's anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes. 

Q. When are video call winners announced?

  • They are announced on the organizers website. Please check the product description for more information as it varies. We will also guide you through video call preparation as well as submitting your information for you.

Q. I won a video call, can I apply again?

  • You can apply again, however after winning a video call you will be excluded from applying to the same artist for one event. This means you can still purchase to receive benefits but your entry will not be counted for the video call. 
  • This rule was implemented to allow artists the chance to meet as many new fans as possible! 
  • You may apply for an event from another artist or wait for one event and apply for the next one.

Q. Do you keep my information after I enter an event?

  • No, all data is destroyed within 7 days of the event ending and is not saved for future use.